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Differential GPS
WADGPS is an acronym for Wide Area Differential GPS. It's a general term for solutions used to enhance GPS accuracy, availability and integrity over large areas.
A WADGPS uses a state-based approach in their software architecture. This means that a separate correction is made available for each error source rather than the sum effect of errors on the user equipment’s range measurements. This more effectively manages the issue of spatial decorrelation than some other techniques, resulting in a more consistent system performance regardless of geographic location with respect to reference stations.

Indoor Navigation
Positioning & Navigation for indoor environment where the signal from GNSS satellites is hardly received. Various communication/navigation technologies including pseudolites, Wi-Fi, RFID, UWB, Wibro, Bluetooth, IR can be utilized for indoor navigation system.

GNSS Receivers
GNSS signal in space is different compare to Earth ground environment. The signal strength and line of sight GNSS satellite changes rapidly. In worst case, GNSS signal can not received occasionally for GEO and HEO satellites. It is a challenge to developing GNSS receiver for space application.
GNSS receiver for space developed and tested in simulated space environment. The simulation includes GNSS satellite visibility, ionosphere delay, ionosphere pierce point and so on. These all simulation result are visualized in 3D graphics.

UAV is an aircraft without a human pilot on board. It perform various tasks using equipped instruments even if human cannot do because of danger and difficulty. It is applicable to not only military operation but also disaster monitoring, agriculture, transportation, scientific research and etc.
Indoor Navigation
GNSS Receiver
Space GNSS Receiver
Integrity Monitoring
Compact Network RTK
Unmanned Air Vehicle
GPS/INS Navigation
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